If you are trying to get an insurance claim paid, it is important that you know your rights. You have a contract with your insurance company that allows you to recover certain compensation. This does not mean that your insurer will easily pay the settlement you deserve. One strategy they could engage in is to make a settlement offer that is lower than the terms of your policy. Never accept a settlement offer without getting your case reviewed by a Florida insurance claim lawyer. At LeavenLaw, we have decades of experience protecting the rights of consumers in insurance claims and disputes. We can help you get all of what you deserve. The first step is to have your policy reviewed by a legal professional before you accept any offer.

Insurance Bad Faith

You have paid your premiums, year after year, and many people assume that the process of getting a settlement will move forward smoothly. It can be a huge shock to get a denial letter. Your insurance company is required to act in good faith. There have been countless cases that we have resolved in which a denial was issued in a claim that should have been paid under the terms of your policy. We can help you address this serious issue and get it back on track, either in negotiating with your insurer to by taking them to court if they do not satisfy a valid claim within a reasonable period of time, at the level that you have a right to. Under state law, when a claim payment is made, it is required that the insurance company accompanies the payment with a statement that sets forth the coverage you have in your policy under which they are paying you. The law that protects consumers is Florida Statute 624.155 (2012). This statute also requires that the insurance company pay you within a reasonable period of time.

Time Limits on Filing Claims

There is a time limit under Florida law in which to file a claim. It is important that the claim is filed as early as possible after the event, whether it is related to damages from sinkholes, hurricanes, floods, lightning, mold, fires, or injuries & accidents. The statute allows for between 2 to 5 years, but the earlier the firm gets involved, the better it could be for you and your family. Certain types of supporting evidence can be more difficult to find after a long period of time has passed; the more we can support your case with facts, the better it is for you in your claim.

Protecting Consumer Rights in Insurance Claims

At LeavenLaw, we are consumer advocates in cases of insurance claims. There are many cases in which an insured could be offered a settlement far, far lower than they have a right to under the terms of their policy. You paid your premiums so that you and your family were protected. If you are not treated fairly, the legal team at the firm knows exactly how to address the issue and is ready to take action, either in contacting the insurance company on your behalf and negotiating with them, or in moving ahead with a legal action against them. You have rights - make sure you have the protection of a Florida insurance claim lawyer that has experience and a long track record of success. The firm has been resolving these issues for over 3 decades and the firm is proud have a history of success in all types of insurance claim disputes. Call the firm now.