There are many cases in which individuals or families believe that they are fully covered by their insurance company for damages from sinkholes, hurricanes, floods, lightning, mold, fires, or injuries & accidents, only to have their claim denied, or to be offered a settlement that will not allow for their bills to be paid, or to be "made whole". At LeavenLaw, the legal team advocates for consumers who have been victims of bad faith from their insurance company. Under Florida Statute 624.155 (2012), consumers have a right to pursue a remedy when their insurance company has acted in bad faith and has failed to pay a settlement as outlined in the terms of their policy.

Offered a Low Settlement?

Some people are offered an amount that will not cover their repairs to their home, or pay for the medical care and treatment they need after an accident. There are cases in which a home has been terribly damaged, and the amount offered by the insurance company will not come close to repairing the damage, or the repairs will be inadequate. When the property is so damaged that you must live somewhere else, you may have coverage that will give you immediate funds to pay for a hotel, new clothing and other immediate needs - but your insurance company many not tell you that you have this coverage. In any serious situation, it is imperative that you get your policy fully evaluated so that you do not become the victim of an insurance company that fails to inform you of the types of coverage you have paid for.

Denials of Valid Claims

Another type of instance that can be extremely distressing is when a valid claim is denied, often under some obscure sentence in the contract you have with the insurance company. Many of these cases can be resolved through negotiations with the insurance company, or if the claim continues to remain unpaid, the case can be taken to civil court for resolution. The legal team at LeavenLaw has been protecting consumer rights for decades, and has assisted thousands upon thousands of individuals and families to get the settlement or compensation for damages that they have a right to under the terms of their policy. With extensive experience in civil court, the firm can take action and present the case in court when it cannot be resolved through negotiations. The firm’s Florida insurance claim lawyer has the unique ability to be aggressive when necessary, and to work with insurance company personnel in negotiations to get disputes quickly yet favorably resolved.

Property Damage Claims, Personal Injury Claims and Other Insurance Claims

The firm has been assisting Florida consumers for over three generations, and has assisted thousands and thousands of consumers to successfully resolve insurance disputes. The firm can trace its roots back to 1972, and is a highly respected, effective and professional firm that has gained a reputation for protecting the rights of consumers in all types of insurance claim disputes. They can help you too.

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