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Expungement refers to the act of sealing or destroying a person’s criminal record. Florida is one of the several states that allow a person who has been arrested to clear their criminal record by sealing or expunging it. Sealing the record makes it unavailable to individuals and most agencies and allows the person to deny their criminal record exists when asked.

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Eligibility for Expungement in Florida

In Florida, it is at the sole discretion of the court to determine whether to approve your petition for expungement. In addition, only one item can be removed only one time. If you have previously received an expungement you are not eligible for another. A criminal defense lawyer knowledgeable in expungements can advise you on whether your criminal record is eligible for clearing.

To qualify, you must meet the following requirements, and potentially more:

  • You must not have any prior or intervening convictions or arrests
  • You must have served your sentence (if any)
  • You must have a clean probation record

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The ability to erase your criminal record is an amazing opportunity offered by Florida’s legal system. Even an arrest on your record can result in the loss of a promotion, employment opportunities, and a tainted reputation. With a cleared record, a person can start life anew.

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