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We live in Florida. A beautiful peninsula. We are surrounded by water and water sports. Boating. Jet skis. Water skiing. Fishing. The opportunities to get out on the water to try and have fun with family and friends are never ending in Florida. Unfortunately, fun on the water can sometimes include accidents where people are injured. In fact, boating and jet ski accidents, while less frequent than car accidents, when they do happen, are usually more devastating in that the injuries can be life-threatening, involve paralysis, or in the worst-case scenario, cause death. In such cases, you need personal injury attorneys that know the courtroom and know the water. LeavenLaw’s boating accident attorneys know both and know both well.

Compensation for Your Boating Accident Injuries

As discussed above, boating accidents can cause major harm. If you are injured in a boating accident, they types of damages that you can pursue compensation for are:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Hospital and doctor bills
  • Medications and medical supplies
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Loss of consortium
  • Other foreseeable damages linked to the accident

Boating accidents can be tough cases. To fully understand why, unlike car, trucking or motorcycle accidents in Florida, boating accidents more frequently will not have insurance to cover any resulting bodily injury claims. As a result, you may have no other option other than going after the boat operator for negligence—and he may have no assets! LeavenLaw’s boat accident attorneys, however, can search for insurance, for example whether the boat owner, boat rental company, or another person might be liable for negligently entrusting the boat to an inexperienced captain. In any case, know that LeavenLaw’s experienced civil trial litigators will do everything they can to maximize your damages for you boating accident.

Contact a Boating Accident Attorney Today

Boating accidents can be devastating. And many times boating accidents are complicated because alcohol may be involved, the boat operator may not be experienced, and Florida law unfortunately does not require boaters to carry bodily insurance. If you or a family member or friend have been injured in a boating or jet ski accident, LeavenLaw’s boating accident attorneys have the personal injury and maritime experience to analyze your boating accident case and get you the financial compensation you deserve. LeavenLaw’s AV-rated lawyers know how to litigate your boating and jet ski accident claims consistent with both Florida and federal law (when necessary). We can also help sort through the insurance and liability issues that are commonly associated with Florida boating and jet ski accidents. Call us today at (727) 327-3328 or submit an inquiry online for a free consultation regarding your boating or jet ski accident.

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