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Sinkhole Links & Resources

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection
The Florida Geological Survey offers a wide array of reading materials and a list of FAQ’s about sinkholes and sinkhole claims

Florida Department of Financial Services
This PDF from the Florida Geological Survey answers some general questions about what to do after your sinkhole claim has been denied, and contains links to forms needed to request a neutral evaluation from the State.

Florida Department of Financial Services
The Florida Department of Financial Services’ website offers consumers a variety of resources and educational materials including an Insurance Library, a Consumer Guide, and information about Civil Remedies and Disaster Preparedness

Florida Sinkhole Research Institute
The Florida Sinkhole Research Institute, based out of the University of Central Florida, endeavors to "provide education, service, and technology transfer on sinkhole activities" to the community at large as well as state and federal agencies.

Southwest Florida Water Management District
The Southwest Florida Water Management District tracks sinkhole’s occurrence across the State, but only if reported.

Hurricane Resources

The Weather Channel
This website allows you to follow breaking news and weather nationwide, including tropical storms and hurricanes.

National Hurricane Center - National Weather Service
The official hurricane weather service website for the National Weather Service. This website tracks and monitors hurricanes and tropical storms, as well as other things that might affect them.

Florida Department of Financial Services
This State of Florida department focuses on consumer fraud and other protection advice.

Skeetobite Weather
Tracking storms in the Atlantic ocean is critical. This website helps Floridians track storms and engage in discussion forums for each storm.

Florida Surplus Lines Service Office ("FSLSO")
An association of all Florida surplus lines agents. This association’s primary purpose is to help protect consumers who seek insurance coverage in the state, as well as provide information and help regarding Florida surplus lines marketplace.

Florida Office of Insurance Regulation
This State of Florida office regulates and monitors all insurance-related compliance and statutes, as well as enforces the same statutes, when necessary.

Florida Justice Association
An association of Florida attorneys who help and fight for consumer rights and justice on the behalf of the citizens of the state of Florida.

The Florida Bar
This is the website for the state bar association for lawyers in Florida.

Insurance Information Institute
An organization that focuses on enhancing the public’s understanding of insurance.

Resources for Lightning & Severe Weather

Lightning Protection Institute
The Lightning Protection Institute is a non-profit organization that works to promote lightning protection education, awareness and safety.

National Severe Storms Laboratory
The National Severe Storms Laboratory, a division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, offers information about steps being taken to ensure residents get the notice they need to protect themselves and their property from severe weather.

Global Hydrology and Climate Center
The Global Hydrology and Climate Center, a division of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, conducts research and investigate the underlying causes, and effects, of lightning. The GHCC research team also evaluates an assortment of atmospheric measurements related to thunderstorms and severe weather. is a Web site of the Florida office of the Insurance Information Institute that addresses issues relevant to Florida residents such as hurricane preparedness, evacuation planning, and

Insurance Information Institute
Although membership to the Insurance Information Institute is available only to insurance providers, there is a glut of information available of their website to assist consumers’ understanding of what insurance is and how it works.

Lightning! Flash, BANG! Your Boat’s Been Hit—Now What?
An interesting article from Seaworthy magazine regarding the possible effects of a lightning strike on your boat or other watercraft.