Florida Insurance Claim Lawyer

If I have insurance, why do I need an attorney?

The regrettable truth is that you may have standard home owners or business insurance and be current on your payments, yet still have a valid insurance claim denied. Adjusters work for insurance companies and they are loyal to their employers. They are trained in how to devalue your claim or try to get you quickly settle for an amount that is less than you need and deserve. Without the protection of an aggressive Florida insurance claim attorney, your right to receive fair compensation for injuries and accidents or property damage is at risk. LeavenLaw have over 50 years of successful experience for you to rely upon when seeking just treatment for your valid insurance claim.

Do I have to give my insurance company all the information they are asking for?

In most cases the answer is going to be "yes." At times, an insurance company will request unnecessary information as a method of delaying your payment. In general, you must provide them with required data and assist them by supplying information that will help your claim along. On the other hand, you should also have an attorney from the firm review all demands and assist you in your replies.

How much time does the law allow for my repairs to be done?

Whether your claim is for damage caused by a flood, lightning, mold, fire, sinkholes or a hurricane, there is no statutory requirement for when the repairs have to be completed. They only have to be accomplished in a "reasonable time." Your insurer does have a 90 period in which to deny or pay your claim, except for when there are factors beyond the insurance company’s control. If you feel that your repairs are being unnecessarily delayed, contact your claim attorney for fast assistance.

Should I accept my insurance company’s first settlement offer?

Commonly, insurers rush to give you a settlement offer for several reasons. First, you will not have legal representation and they know that with an attorney your opportunity to be fully compensated will be greatly enhanced. Second, they understand that you see the damage that has occurred and can be persuaded to take an offer that appears to help. Based on the thousands of legal disputes we have favorably settled, our advice is to contact the firm immediately and take no actions until we have reviewed your case.