Perhaps one of the most deceptively dangerous accidents can be the "slip and fall." These common accidents can cause very serious injuries. Many individuals have been permanently disabled or lost their lives in slip and fall injury accidents. Such accidents are capable of breaking bones, fracturing skulls, tearing muscles and ligaments or serious spinal cord injuries.

Annually the number of serious slip and fall accidents are in the thousands, and many fatalities from such accidents take place every year. In most cases, the surfaces are hard and there can be protrusions or sharp objects can inflict further injuries. These accidents could have been prevented had the property owner properly maintained their premises and ensured that visitors were safe while walking in the area. Common causes of this type of accident are:

  • Poorly lit or dim hallways, doorways and spaces
  • A sudden change in elevation or cracked walkway surfaces
  • Deteriorated carpeting or floor coverings
  • Tools, boxes or other objects in walkways
  • Slippery surfaces from waxing or liquid spills
  • Building and safety code violations
  • Poorly planned placement of barriers or other item
  • Blinding lights, mirrors and other overly distracting elements in a space

Finding Negligence in a Slip and Fall Case

Far too often these slip and fall types of accidents are due to negligence in properly maintaining the walking surfaces. The job of a St. Petersburg personal injury attorney is to not only prove the extent of harm done but to also discover and demonstrate that negligence or misconduct was present on the part of the responsible party. The law provides that you can be compensated not only for medical expenses but also for loss of earnings as well as for pain and suffering. For many years it has been our job and duty at LeavenLaw to fight in all types of personal injury cases. We take great satisfaction in being able to bring restitution to our clients and provide them with the means to rebuild their lives and health.