A truck barreling down the freeway weighing 80,000 lbs. can cause tremendous damage to cars weighing a fraction of their weight. Trucks will jackknife or turn over blocking the highway so that many vehicles may pile up before the accident is over. It is important to have a skilled truck accident attorney represent you in such accidents. Truck accidents often require knowledge of how trucks operate to prove liability. Trucking company insurance companies have their own way of settling claims which a truck accident lawyer is in tune with to facilitate speedy settlement. If you or a family member has been involved in a truck accident in the St. Petersburg area, you are urged to contact a St. Petersburg personal injury attorney experienced in truck accident litigation.

Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck drivers are paid by the mile and are also pushed to meet stiff delivery targets. As a result they are prone to drive fast and drive while fatigued. This can result in a lack of alertness that spells disaster. Trucks can also be loaded incorrectly, creating the danger of jackknife accidents or cause the trailer to skid out of control on turns or fast stops. Poor maintenance of brakes or other equipment failing at a critical moment can be the underlying cause of serious injury accidents caused by commercial trucks.

We at LeavenLaw provide aggressive representation to clients in the St. Petersburg, Florida area who have been injured in truck accidents. Our truck accident attorneys are very familiar with how trucks function which gives them a distinct advantage in proving liability. They understand how truck insurance companies function and make every effort to negotiate a fair settlement with them. If the company is unreasonable, our attorneys are ready and willing to take the case to court to achieve what justice requires. Contact a St. Petersburg truck accident attorney for more information.