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Have you or someone you love been charged with a crime? If so, you will need to talk to an attorney right away to learn if your charges will be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or felony offense. Felonies are some of the most serious crimes that a person can be charged with.

LeavenLaw is proud to have served the needs of clients throughout Florida since 1972. If you are facing felony crimes, you need to get the guidance and counsel of an experienced St. Petersburg criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

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Cases We Handle

Facing a felony charge should be taken very seriously by a defendant, especially because the results of a conviction can be catastrophic and are often irreversible. Once a person is convicted of a felony crime, they must carry around this offense for the rest of their life.

We handle all types of felony crimes, including the following:

Enhanced Penalties: The 10-20-Life Law

Some felony cases fall under a certain category of the law that allows a prosecutor to seek enhanced penalties – the 10-20-Life law. Under the 10-20-Life law, a person who faces serious criminal charges may face life imprisonment under certain circumstances.

An example of this type of crime can include a person pulling a weapon or a gun out during a crime. For this type of offense, a minimum sentence would be 10 years. If the gun is used, the person faces a minimum of 20 years. If injury or death is a result of firing the gun, a minimum of 25 years to life imprisonment is sought by the prosecution.

We realize that this will be a frustrating moment and will require a speedy investigation to produce evidence on your behalf. Our team will not leave a single stone unturned in our meticulous investigation of the charges against you. For more information, contact us today!