Florida Drug Crimes Defense Attorneys

Drug transportation is the act of delivering or moving illegal drugs (methamphetamines, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, prescription drugs, and more) from place to place. This can be from state to state, within a state, or internationally. Drug transportation is a serious offense and can carry grave consequences such as large fines and lengthy state prison sentences.

The attorneys at LeavenLaw work hard to defend individuals accused of drug transportation in St. Petersburg and Tampa, Florida. As with all drug offenses, drug transportation is governed by state and federal laws and regulations that must be understood to build a successful defense. Our lawyers and support staff are well versed in all drug crime laws and know what it takes to suppress evidence, overturn rulings, or get a case dismissed.

Drug Transportation in Florida

Any body of water, airport, or highway can be used for drug transportation. Florida has an abundance of all three and has therefore seen a high rate of drug transportation crimes. The higher the drug offense statistics climb, the heavier the hand of law enforcement agencies and courts becomes.

If you have been accused of drug transportation, your freedom is in danger. A state-appointed defense attorney simply won’t cut it if you value your rights and freedom. Our experienced attorneys will put you first. We will do our utmost to help you avoid a conviction and prison sentence by thoroughly investigating your case – including the events that lead to your arrest. We will locate wherever your rights may have been violated and use that to help to you gain your freedom.

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