Florida Drug Crimes Defense Attorneys

Drug cultivation is the process of growing natural substances that are used to create illegal drugs. To cultivate means to promote or improve the growth of a plant or substance through care and labor. Drug cultivation is charged as a criminal offense whether the intent was to use the drugs personally or to distribute them for others’ use.

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Drug Cultivation in Tampa, Florida

Florida – Tampa and the surrounding areas in particular – is one of the epicenters in the United States for drug cultivation and trafficking. Methamphetamine labs and marijuana grow centers are the main means of cultivating illegal substances.

Due to Florida’s high drug crime rates (with a total of approximately 2,500 drug violation arrests in 2007) law enforcement agencies and state prosecutors pay special attention to drug crimes and enforce harsh penalties. Drug cultivation charges will vary depending upon the intent of the grower. Cultivation with the intent of personal use is typically a misdemeanor with a maximum prison sentence of up to one year. Cultivation with the intent of distribution is a felony with a minimum prison sentence of one year.

If you are facing drug cultivation charges or are the subject of a criminal investigation, we can help. Our dedicated attorneys at LeavenLaw will fight to protect your rights, investigating the situation that lead to the arrest as well as all other specifics to find where your rights may have been violated – and help to get charges lessened or your case dismissed altogether.

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