Florida Drug Crimes Defense Lawyers

Drug manufacturing is the process of creating illegal substances through chemical or other processes. This can include the development and creation of methamphetamines or cocaine, as well as the growing of marijuana (usually under the heading of drug cultivation). The high-tech and dangerous drug manufacturing process can appear to be easy due to common and easy-to-access ingredients – resulting in accidents and fires. Methamphetamine manufacturing can be particularly dangerous due to the highly flammable and toxic chemicals involved.

If you are facing an investigation or accusation regarding drug manufacturing, contact our experienced drug crimes defense attorneys immediately. We investigate and verify every aspect of the events leading to your arrest to locate any rights that may have been violated – exposing these transgressions and working to protect your freedom. At LeavenLaw we treat our clients with respect and dignity, and you will experience what it feels like to have someone on your side, fighting for you.

Drug Manufacturing Information in St. Petersburg and Tampa

Methamphetamine (meth) labs are one of the most common forms of drug manufacturing used in Florida. Meth labs are often located in public places such as apartment buildings or condos – as they are kept mobile to avoid law enforcement. The toxic and flammable chemicals involved in meth manufacturing can lead to explosions and fire, resulting in death or injury to the manufacturers and any other people at the scene.

If you are suspected of drug manufacturing in Florida, you may face years of imprisonment. Our dedicated lawyers will fight to protect your rights both in and out of the courtroom, helping you avoid a prison sentence, and possibly getting your charges dropped altogether.

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