Florida Drug Crimes Defense Lawyers

Drug distribution is a serious criminal offense. Even for a first time offender, a drug distribution conviction could lead to years in prison. “Distribution” refers to the act of selling illegal drugs to another person.

Illegal drug distribution includes not only street drugs (such as marijuana, heroin or cocaine) but also pharmaceuticals such as prescription drugs. If a person does not have a prescription for a drug and is given or sold that drug, the seller is liable for a drug distribution offense. This can be seen in schools where students are sold prescription drugs to “help with their studies.” Prescription drugs taken without a prescription and correct dosage instructions can prove dangerous to the taker.

Drug Distribution Offenses in Florida

Final sentencing for a drug distribution conviction in Florida may include probation, drug counseling, fines, or a long-term prison sentence. The type and term of punishment will depend upon a variety of factors:

  • The amount of drugs involved
  • The type of drug or drugs involved
  • Any prior arrests or convictions
  • The involvement of minors

If you are facing a drug distribution accusation or investigation, we can help. Our dedicated attorneys will thoroughly investigate your case and advise you as to what the best course of action will be.

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