Have you been served with a summons for a credit card that you allegedly did not pay? The attorneys at LeavenLaw have been helping consumer like you deal with past due bills and lawsuit that sometimes arise from them for over three decades. We have helped consumers defense these lawsuit, attempting to either (1) defeat the lawsuit, (2) settle the debt, (3) search for an unlawful debt collection lawsuit to use a leverage against the credit card company, or (4) if none of the above work, discuss a client’s bankruptcy options.

In the end, we have a comprehensive plan that will help you to explore all options and come out with a game plan that works best for you and your life. We offer free initial consultations for those who have been sued and want to talk to an attorney to learn about their options. Please call LeavenLaw today to discuss how we can help you avoid a judgment, avoid wage garnishment or bank account garnishment and get a financial fresh start today. (877)958.8775.