Experienced Florida DUI Lawyers

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense that can carry heavy penalties for the convicted, ranging from the loss of one’s license and community service to heavy fines and prison time. The experienced attorneys at LeavenLaw can help. We are proud to help St. Petersburg and Tampa residents with their DUI cases. Through knowledgeable and aggressive representation in and out of the courtroom, we do our utmost to help our clients avoid a DUI conviction.

Here are some resources we hope you find helpful in regards to DUI (driving under the influence) in Florida.

Florida DUI Resources

Florida State Courts

Florida DMV

City of Tampa, Florida

Pinellas County Circuit Court

St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce

Tampa Chamber of Commerce

Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association

Drunk Driving Information – FreeAdvice.com

DUI Information – FindLaw.com

Florida DUI Laws

How the Breathalyzer Works

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