About the First DUI Offense

Have you recently been pulled over by a police officer and arrested for your first DUI offense? Unfortunately, even the first offense of DUI is a very serious charge that can result in serious consequences, including license suspension, termination of employment, financial hardship, and imprisonment. If you have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol for the first time, immediately talk to a St Petersburg DUI defense attorney from LeavenLaw.

At our office, the team of DUI defense lawyers has experience in defending drunk driving charges all throughout the state of Florida and has a firm grasp on the laws and statutes that define this charge. For all DUI offenses, a court will take into consideration the following to determine the appropriate punishment:

  • How many prior violations the driver has;
  • If traffic laws were violated during the infraction;
  • The age of the driver;
  • The driver’s blood alcohol concentration;
  • If children were present; and
  • If an injury or death resulted from an accident.

When each of these is answered against the favor of the defendant, the penalty is likely to increase. For first time offenders, only the last five of these points will be considered during the trial. To learn more about the penalties associated with a first time DUI offense and the proper defense strategies, call our office today.

Defense Strategies for a First DUI Arrest

After being charged with this type of crime, you will immediately need to talk to a DUI defense lawyer to learn the property steps you should take. There are many defense strategies that can be used to defend against a DUI charge, including challenging field sobriety tests and breath tests taken before the arrest. You can also question the validity of the police stop and the arrest itself.

Contact a St Petersburg DUI attorney at our office today for defense against your first drunk driving charge.