Was your child the victim of medical malpractice?

Birth injuries are usually due to difficulties the baby experiences going through the birth canal. Many of these are preventable and due to doctor error. The baby may require corrective surgery or care to recover from these injuries and the parents need to seek compensation so that the baby can get the medical services required to recover. You are urged to contact a St. Petersburg personal injury lawyer with experience in birth injury litigation.

Some women have a small or irregular pelvis which makes normal birth traumatic for the baby. The baby could be stuck in the birth canal for a prolonged time and cut off from oxygen. This can cause nerve damage in the head resulting cerebral palsy, a permanent disorder in which the child cannot control its limbs. The doctor needs to foresee the difficulty with the pelvis and do a Caesarean section.

Facial paralysis can be caused by the misuse of forceps during the birth injuring the facial nerves. The baby could recover after a few weeks but often surgery is required. The doctor should have been more careful with the forceps or not used them at all.

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We at LeavenLaw are a personal injury legal team serving the St. Petersburg, Florida area. We realize that when a baby is born with a birth injury the baby may need surgery and special care. We recognize it as our responsibility to obtain the financial resources to provide this care for the baby. We first obtain an independent medical evaluation to determine if there was medical malpractice. If the answer is yes, we get an estimate of the surgery and care the baby requires. We then file a claim with the insurance company and press for the funds needed. If the company is not reasonable, we take the matter to court to achieve what justice demands for the baby. Contact a personal injury attorney to learn more!