The sheer number of products we use on a day-to-day basis is staggering. From everyday items of utility to sophisticated computing machines or hi-tech drugs, our lives are filled with a variety of products and items. Products are assembled from parts made in 20 different countries by a multitude of manufacturers with many different standards of safety and quality assurance. It becomes a labyrinth of confusion trying to ensure that those items used by our families, friends and children are safe.

The toys our children play with in some cases were later found to have contained lead and other toxic chemicals. Even pet food has been found to contain unacceptable and undisclosed chemicals. We have relied upon government laws and inspectors to provide protection against dangerous and defective products, but in many cases the danger has only been discovered after the damage has been done. The responsibility lies with the manufacturers and providers of the goods we purchase and consume. When they fail to provide safe products, innocent victims suffer the consequences. One powerful remedy is to pursue compensation against the manufacturer and others in the production and distribution channels. This is best done with the help of a St. Petersburg personal injury lawyer.

LeavenLaw is committed to seeking fair and just compensation for those harmed by dangerous products in personal injury civil actions. It is the responsibility of manufacturers, designers and resellers to see that their products are safe, that proper warnings are clearly given, that design flaws do not create dangerous potentialities and that products function as intended.

Types of Dangerous Products

A large number of dangerous products have been from the medical or pharmacological industry including some highly popular drugs or supplements as Fen-Phen, Accutane, Ephedra, Paxil, Xanax and Prozac. The side effects were discovered later, including violent behavior, suicidal impulses, and death from overdoses. Some drugs were found to cause birth defects and expecting mothers were not warned that their child would be born with serious physical problems. Some nursing mothers were not informed that they must stop taking the drug or their child could be damaged.

Certain automobile manufacturers are facing a huge number of lawsuits, most recently an unexpected acceleration problem. This led to hundreds of automobile accidents, injuries and fatalities. There have been many other product liability cases related radiation problems from microwaves, ladders that collapse and baby cribs that trapped infants in a "death zone." When such disasters occur it is important for your future and the safety of others to fight for a settlement and make a statement for safer and more responsible products. Get direct and aggressive legal representation for your claim. Contact a St. Petersburg dangerous product lawyer to find out how you could be compensated for the pain, suffering and losses incurred.