At LeavenLaw, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service to our clients at a tremendous value. For those consumer customers who are facing tough financial times and have retained the services of one of our attorneys for either Bankruptcy, Mortgage Foreclosure Defense, Credit Card Defense, Debt Settlement, Short Sales, or Loan Modification, creditors and debt collectors are prohibited by the FDCPA and the FCCPA from continuing to contact you directly in an attempt to collect the debt owed. Instead, they must communicate with and through our office only.

Included in ALL of the above service arrangements, LeavenLaw will take creditor calls for FREE during the time we are assisting you with your distressed debt. Whether it is during the time you are working with our office to gather the needed documents to prepare and file your bankruptcy petition, during the time you are helping us defend your mortgage foreclosure case, or while you are working with us to get a loan modification or short sale approved, we will work to make sure that you are not being harassed and that the creditors and debt collectors are both notified of our representation and stop communicating with you (i.e., calls, letters, periodic credit card statements, etc.) in an attempt to collect the debt owed.

Communications Log

If you hire LeavenLaw with regard to any consumer debt -- whether to discharge, modify, forgive or eliminate the debt -- it is critical that you understand the FREE services that we are offering, understand how to use the consumer laws and our forms, and help us stop the harassment. This will give you the best possible opportunity to demonstrate you are entitled to damages for a creditor’s or debt collector’s continued, unlawful collection activity.

To best help the attorneys at LeavenLaw, it is important that you (1) answer your calls, (2) save your letters & voice mails, and (3) use the LDB&M Communications Log. When called, answer the phone. Talk to your creditors and debt collectors. Advise them that you have hired the attorneys at LeavenLaw for representation regarding your debts, including the debt that this creditor or debt collector is collecting, provide them with our contact information and ask that all further debt collection calls and letters be directed to our office. Then, if you get further calls or letters from that particular creditor or debt collector that has been notified, note the details of these calls in the LDB&M Communications Log.

  • Name (company & caller)
  • Date
  • Time of call
  • Phone number called from
  • What was said during the call
  • Was your Cellular Phone called
  • Was the call placed using an automatic telephone dialing system

After you have done this, if you continue to get calls, call the LeavenLaw Consumer Law Department or e-mail us. You may likely have a case and be entitled to damages. As always, you owe us nothing unless we get the unlawful debt collection to stop and recover monies for you. If we do, the creditor or debt collector -- not you -- pays our fees and costs.


When you hire the attorneys at LeavenLaw to counsel you and to file a bankruptcy petition to discharge or reorganize your debts, you are hiring an attorney for representation regarding your debts--ALL of them. Do not let creditors or debt collectors convince you that our bankruptcy representation is not complete and comprehensive, because it is. During your payment plan, answer your phone. Take good notes. Save all letters and credit card periodic billing statements. Then either call LeavenLaw or bring them to your initial consultation, bring back appointment, final petition signing, or 341 Meeting of Creditors. We will look at the calls and letters and let you know what we can do to protect your rights under the law.

Mortgage Foreclosure Defense

If you are facing mortgage foreclosure on your homestead or another piece of real estate used primarily for personal use, we can help you defend that lawsuit. When we defend your foreclosure lawsuit in the courts, we represent you with regard to the debt. In Florida, a creditor cannot foreclosure a home unless and until it gets a judgment on the note. Therefore, if you get debt collection calls, letters or periodic statements during the lawsuit and after we have formally filed our notice of appearance in the case, you might be entitled to damages under the FDCPA, FCCPA and TCPA. Please note any and all calls or letters you receive during the lawsuit, as specifically noted above, and call us. We will look forward to helping you.

Credit Card Defense

Credit card lawsuits can be intimidating -- that is why our attorneys are here. We have programs available to help consumers stop credit card and debt collection lawsuits from going to judgment. We help stop garnishment. We come up with a game plan to buy you time to make a fully informed decision, try to settle the debt, and ultimately let you move on with your life--hopefully avoiding a bankruptcy. It is not unusual, however, for a creditor, debt collector or law firm to continue to call or write in an attempt to collect debts from consumers represented by our firm in a lawsuit. If this happens to you, use the LDB&M Communications Log, as specifically discussed above, to capture information about the unlawful conduct. We will do our best to hold the collectors accountable and recover damages for you.

Debt Settlement

As was true with Bankruptcy representation, when a client hires the attorneys at LeavenLaw to represent him or her for debt settlement, we represent them with regard to all of their debts. If you have hired us to settle a debt, do not hesitate to answer any calls you receive. Consistent with the instructions above, if the creditor or debt collector keeps calling you after it knows you are represented by our firm with regard to the debt, they could have to pay you damages for violating the FDCPA and the FCCPA. Use the LDB&M Communications Log and let us know.

Short Sales & Loan Modifications

LeavenLaw has helped hundreds and hundreds of consumers either exit their home, avoiding foreclosure and deficiency judgments, or has helped homeowners modify their home mortgages to be more affordable. In both circumstances, the attorneys at LeavenLaw represent the consumer with regard to their consumer debt. If you need help with a short sale to exit your home, or are considering keeping your home but exploring better mortgage payment terms, consider using LeavenLaw. We have the ability to not only provide a comprehensive plan to assist you with your home loan, but provide critical consumer protection during the course of your representation that gives you both peace of mind and occasionally leverage to barter the best deal we can.

At LeavenLaw, we put consumers first. Call today for a free consultation and see how we can help you.